{TOP 5} Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors Review 2022

Laminate floors are a great looking and low cost flooring option, but they come with their own cleaning requirements. You may have always thought that laminate floors required mopping or sweeping. However, you can also purchase one of the best vacuums for laminate floors to get the job done.

Don’t know what a vacuum for laminate floor is and how it works? Don’t worry. These are not complicated machines, but there is a lot of information to take in about them. In this article we will answer all of your questions and provide a list of the top five vacuums for laminate floors around. Read on to learn more about these amazing products.

What is laminate flooring?

  Firstly, let’s discuss laminate flooring. It is a synthetic type of flooring that is made from fused layers of synthetic wood. The process of fusing the layers of material together is called lamination, which is where the floors get their name.

Laminate floors come with a number of positives. Thus, they have grown in popularity in the last couple of decades. Laminate floors are more affordable than other flooring types, especially natural wood. They are also very durable for a synthetic floor. And, some manufacturers even make their laminate floors out of antimicrobial resin, which ensures that those laminate floors are hygienic. Finally, laminate floors are easy to install and care for.

But, being easy to care for doesn’t mean that laminate floors are simple to clean. This type of floor requires its own cleaning regime and products. You should make sure to keep your laminate floor clean of dust, dirt, and sand, as these substances can scratch the floor. Also, standing water is the enemy of laminate floors.

With these care requirements, especially the no-water mandate, you can see why a vacuum for laminate floors would be useful. Unlike steam cleaners and many other laminate floor cleaners, vacuums for mixed floors do not use water. They use suction to pick up all dirt and debris from the surface of your laminate floor.

So, if you are asking “can you vacuum laminate floors”? The answer is a resounding yes.

Vacuums vs. laminate floor cleaners

Now that you know that you can vacuum laminate floors, let’s discuss the differences between vacuums for laminate floors and carpet and laminate floor cleaners in more depth. As mentioned above, vacuums for hardwood floors use suction to pull all of the dirt, debris, and sand away from your laminate floors. In fact, many of these products have so much suction that they are not appropriate for use on carpets. On the other hand, laminate floor cleaners use brushes or rags to wipe up messes on your laminate floor.

Here are a few other differences between a laminate floor cleaner and a vacuum for laminate floors.

  1. Vacuums for hardwood floors are always powered. Although how they receive that power may vary: usually it comes from battery or plugged electrical power. Laminate floor cleaners can use power but there are also manual products as well.
  2. In many ways a laminate floor cleaner will be gentler on your laminate floors. However, it will probably use some form of liquid in the cleaning process, which you must deal with correctly. If you keep the water or other cleaning liquid on your laminate floors for too long they could warp. If you don’t want to worry about cleaning up after your cleaning appliances, then you should choose a vacuum for laminate floors and carpet.
  3. Vacuums for mixed floors can clean a variety of surfaces. This is also true of steam cleaners for laminate floor. However, many laminate floor cleaners only work on hard surfaces or laminate, which makes them less versatile than the many vacuums for laminate floors and carpet.
  4. Vacuums for laminate floors will likely be a bit heavier than most laminate floor cleaners. While stick vacuums are fairly light, upright or canister vacuums will weigh a significant amount. Laminate floor cleaners have much less parts to them, and so are often quite a bit lighter than their vacuum counterparts.

What to look for in a vacuum for laminate floors

If we’ve convinced you, and you’re ready to purchase your next vacuum for laminate floors, then you need to read the rest of this buyer’s guide. The features we mention below will help you narrow your product choices and find the top vacuum for laminate floors for your home and family.

Bagged or Bagless

As with all vacuums, vacuums for hardwood floors come in bagged and bagless varieties. Since the emergence of Dyson vacuums in the early 1990s, bagless vacuums have become the norm. These are the vacuums for mixed floors that use a dirt collection bin. When the bin is full, you detach it from the machine and empty it over the trash.

Bagless vacuums for hardwood floors are great because they do not require you to actually touch the dirty area of the vacuum. Usually there is a release lever that allows the dirt to leave the bin without you having to stick your hands in it.

 Bagged upright vacuum cleaners are the more traditional type. They don’t necessarily require you to put your hands in the dirty dirt collection in. However, you will need to remove the bag in the dirt collection area to clean out the machine. Most bags are not reusable, so purchasing bags will be an additional expense of the vacuum.

Corded or Cordless

Corded or cordless is another choice you will have to make when you search for your next vacuum for hardwood floors. There seem to be equal numbers of these two vacuum options on the market. And, each comes with their own pros and cons.

Corded vacuums are the more historical. They have an electrical cord that you have to plug into an outlet to provide constant power to the machine. In modern corded vacuums for mixed floors the cord tends to be long. This way you don’t have to plug in the vacuum again as you move from room to room. Even though the longer cord is more convenient, it does provide a great tripping hazard.

Cordless vacuums for laminate floors do not have the power cord. Instead, they run off of a rechargeable battery. These products will come with a charging station included. The cordless vacuum for laminate floors must be plugged in when it is not in use in order too keep the battery charged and in good working order. If you let a discharged battery sit too long it can get ruined. Cordless vacuums for laminate floors do not run as long as corded vacuum cleaners for carpet, but they are much more convenient.


Like other vacuum cleaners for carpet, vacuum for laminate floors will come with some type of accessories. These could be in the form of extra attachments or other types of vacuum accessories like charging docks, replacement filters, or storage bags.

There are actually a wide variety of accessories that can potentially come with a vacuum for mixed floors. A large number of brushes are available from product to product depending on the model of vacuum you purchase. For example, vacuums for pet hair will usually include a motorized tool that is designed to clean up pet hair and messes.

Vacuums for laminate floors will have tools that help you clean up hardwood. For this purpose corner and crevice tools may be the most helpful. But, people with pets will also want to consider a pet tool or two in their vacuum for laminate floors. Ultimately, the accessories you need with your vacuum for laminate floors will depend on your home and your lifestyle.


Weight is always an important factor when we are talking about vacuums. Since you have to push the vacuum around to get any cleaning done, you need to find a product that you can handle. There are a lot of different types of vacuums out there—we discuss the most common down below—which means that the weights of each product will also vary quite a bit.

Heavier vacuums for laminate floors will typically have more power, which equates to greater suction power. These are the large upright vacuum cleaners that you use when you clean your entire home. However, for some people, especially children, heavy upright vacuum cleaners may not be a good idea.

The lightest vacuum option that you push around will be the stick vacuum. Stick vacuums can usually be handled by anyone since they weight between 2-5 pounds. Yet, stick vacuums are usually a cordless vacuum for laminate floors, so there is a finite amount of time that you can use them before the battery dies. Thus, these products are better served as spot cleaners than whole house cleaners.

Type of Flooring

Many product appropriate for laminate flooring will actually be vacuums for mixed floors. This means that they will clean carpet and hard floors equally well. For homes that have a variety of flooring vacuums for mixed floors are ideal. These products are much more versatile than just vacuums for laminate floors.

But, you need to be careful when looking for a vacuum for laminate floors because not products will work well with all types of flooring. Some vacuums for hardwood floors will have suction that is too strong to be used on carpet. It will damage your carpet or rug fibers. Therefore, you will need to purchase two different vacuums if you have carpet and laminate in your home.

Even if your vacuum for laminate floors does not clean carpet, it should be fine to use on other hardwood flooring. Therefore, if your home only has hard floors, you can safely purchase a vacuum for hardwood floors without having to find a vacuum for laminate floors and carpet.

Storage Options

Especially if the product you choose comes with a lot of accessories, you will want to ensure that it also has storage options. You need somewhere to put all of the stuff so that it doesn’t get lost in between vacuuming. Even if your vacuum for hardwood floors only has one or two accessories, you still need a storage plan.

Ideally, all of the components of your vacuum for laminate floors will be stored together. Smaller, stick and canister, vacuums will likely come with either wall hangers or storage bags where you can keep the product when not in use. The hardest vacuum to store is the upright vacuum cleaner. These product may not come with any storage option, other than on the vacuum cleaner itself.

Top 5 Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors

scmtbl-table__image Editor's ChoiceEditor's Choice Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Vacuum 81L2A
  • Type of vacuum: Bagless upright
  • Type of floor: Hard floors
  • Accessories: None
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Rank: #2Rank: #2 Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S
  • Type of vacuum: Robotic
  • Type of floor: Hard floor and Low to Medium pile carpets
  • Accessories: Remote control, Charging base, AC power adaptor, Cleaning tool, Extra filters, Four side brushes, Five cable ties
  • Weight: 5.73 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Rank: #3Rank: #3 Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner
  • Type of vacuum: Stick
  • Type of floor: Hard floors and Carpets
  • Accessories: Four extra cleaning heads
  • Weight: 5.64 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Rank: #4Rank: #4 GOOVI Cordless Vacuum
  • Type of vacuum: Stick
  • Type of floor: Hard floor, Carpets, Walls, Curtains, Furniture, and Ceilings
  • Accessories: 2-in-1 Dusting Brush, Electric Power Brush, Hardwood Roller Brush, and Carpet Roller Brush
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs.
scmtbl-table__image Rank: #5Rank: #5 MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner D600
  • Type of vacuum: Stick
  • Type of floor: Hard floor only
  • Accessories: Cleaning brush and Crevice nozzle
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs.

Top 5 Best Vacuum for Laminate Floors On The Market Reviews

#1 Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Vacuum 81L2A

 Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner, 81L2A Stick Vacuum, Gray

Bissell’s PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Vacuum 81L2A is a great vacuum for hardwood floors. It should not be used on rugs or medium to high pile carpets because of its shape and suction power. However, for hard floors, especially laminate, it is amazing.

The Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Vacuum 81l2A is also a wonderful vacuum for pet hair. Plus, it has a v-shape, which makes cleaning around furniture a breeze. The middle of the v is best for picking up large debris while the outer edges of the v will clear away the finer particles. For the top all-around vacuum for laminate floor, try the Bissell 81L2A.

#2 Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim), Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Super-Thin, 1300Pa Strong Suction, Quiet, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Cleans Hard Floors to Medium-Pile Carpets

Because they are such handy and easy to use vacuums for laminate floors, we had to include at least one robotic vacuum. Our choice is the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S. This product is ideal for laminate floors. There is a infrared-sensor for getting the robot around obstacles in its path and drop-sensing technology, which keeps it from falling down stairs.

Additionally, it has a slim profile, which means that it can fit under almost any furniture. And, everyone will love the hundred minutes of running time and quiet operation of this handy little robotic vacuum. Eufy also includes a twelve month warranty and everything you need to get started with their BoostIQ RoboVac 11S. Therefore, all you have to do is make one purchase and you will be ready to go.

#3 Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

 Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, Iron

Dyson is a trendsetter in the vacuum cleaner business. So, it should come as no surprise that they have make a great vacuum for laminate floors. Their V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner is a great choice for cleaning up small messes. The filter is washable, which makes it easy to service. Plus, you get forty minutes of run time on a single battery charge, which is more than enough time to clean up your laminate floor.

Also, there is the four included accessories, which make any job easier. And, the new-and-improved Dyson V8 motor provides 150% more brush power. So, any mess can be cleaned easily by the Dyson V8 Animal. If you want a great vacuum for mixed floors, this is the product for you.

#4 MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner D600

 MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner Corded Stick Vacuum with HEPA Filter 17Kpa Powerful Suction 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum for Hard Floor D600

You do not want to use the MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner D600 on carpets, the suction is much too strong. However, for a vacuum for hardwood floors, this product is great. It has a rotatable brush head, which allows you to point the product in the direction of the mess. The filter system is HEPA certified.

 Also, the suction is powerful enough to pick up any mess that may fall on your laminate floor. This includes pet messes, crumbs, and sand. In fact, MOOSOO even claims that it will suck up your phone—we recommend taking their word for it on that one. Overall, the MOOSOO Vacuum Cleaner D600 is great as a vacuum for hardwood floors.

Types of vacuums

Vacuums come in a variety of types. And, in fact, even vacuums for laminate floors can vary widely. Therefore, we need to go over the most common types of vacuums and their pros and cons. You can find a more in depth discussion of the different types of vacuums in many of our other articles.


Upright vacuum cleaners are the most historical product out there. All vacuums used to be upright vacuum cleaners. You are probably very familiar with the shape of these products. The entire machine is housed in a single, upright unit. Modern upright vacuum cleaners may have a cleaning hose and extra attachments, but most of the cleaning is done on the floor.


Stick vacuum cleaners are a type of upright vacuums cleaner. But, they are much smaller and lighter than their upright cousins. They have a small dirt collection bin. Plus, their body is a stick shape instead of the large, cylindrical body of the upright vacuum cleaner. The small size of the stick vacuum make them easy to take to the messes and allows them to fit almost anywhere. However, keep in mind that these types of vacuums for laminate floor will not be as powerful as an upright vacuum cleaner.


Canister vacuums have their dirt collection bin and motor in one unit and a separate cleaning head. A large hose usually connects the cleaning head to the body of the canister vacuum. This shape is probably the most familiar from shop vacs. Yet, today you can also purchase canister vacuums that can be used to clean the floors of your home. These vacuums work best in larger homes with lots of surfaces to be cleaned.


Robotic vacuums are the most recent vacuum type to come on the market. These vacuums are robots, so once you turn them on your job is done. Thus, robotic vacuums are some of the easiest vacuum products to use. They are typically great as a vacuum for hardwood floors. But, they will not work well on plush or high pile carpets.

Final Words

Many homes have laminate floors. This type of flooring is affordable, looks great, and is all-around easy. But, you still need to keep come cleaning considerations in mind for your laminate floor if you want it to look its best for a long time. That is where the best vacuum for laminate floors comes in.

These products are gentle enough to not scratch the surface of your laminate floor while also having powerful enough suction to clean up every piece of dirt or debris. If you have laminate floors, you need to purchase a great vacuum for laminate floor. Luckily for you we’ve included a list of our top five favorite vacuums for laminate floors 2022 in this article. Just choose one of those products and you will be good to go.

Don’t let laminate floors intimidate you. With the right tools you will never have to worry about cleaning that laminate floor again.

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