Everything About Frieze Carpet – Definitive Guide 2022 UPDATED

Frieze carpet, what is it? 

Everything About Frieze Carpet

First of all, let’s start with a frieze carpet definition. This distinctive cut pile carpet type is made of long fibers. Cut pile indicates the fact that when the fiber is attached to the carpet backing it creates loops. The tops of those loops are cut, which then creates a cut pile carpet. There are many different types of cut pile carpets, of which frieze carpet is just one example.

In frieze carpets multiple of the cut fibers are taken and twisted tightly together. There are about seven to nine twists per inch in most frieze carpets. The tight twisting of the carpet’s fibers result in a fluffy and curled looking product.

Sometimes frieze carpet has the name “California Shag.” This alternative name refers to its similarities to the shag carpets of the 1960s and 1970s. However, shag carpets generally did not have the twisting associated with frieze carpets. And, frieze carpets use a thinner fiber than shag carpets. Like shag carpets, frieze carpet fibers fall back on themselves, which both resists dirt and provides the curly appearance.

The History of Frieze Carpet

While frieze carpet may be the modern shag, the term as been around for many centuries. Interestingly, the term frieze is Middle English. It was used to describe cloth that had a nap on one side. This term primarily was used in relationship to textiles—or cloth that was worn.

There is evidence that frieze cloth was made into clothes in the English Midlands, Wales, and Ireland as early as the fourteenth century. Frieze cloth eventually found its way to Holland and in the 18th century, the United States.

Today, the term frieze just refers to the machine-loomed carpeting described in this article. But, it is easy to see the similarities between the cloth and carpet. Both include a raise, curly nap of fabric on one side. This nap adds durability and is easier to keep clean than traditional fabrics or carpets.

Frieze carpet pros and cons

Frieze carpets have some major pros and cons that you must consider before you commit to purchasing one. Here are some of the most important pros and cons for frieze carpet.


  • Frieze carpet is one of the most stain and dirt resistant options you will find. The twisted fibers of this type of carpet flop around, which easily conceals any unattractive dirt or grime. So, even if you don’t clean frieze carpet frequently, it will still look clean.
  • Frieze carpet’s long fibers make it nice and warm in the cooler months of the year. The resultant thick carpet also helps to deaden sound, which is a big plus in a crowded house.
  • The tightly twisted fibers of frieze carpet make it extremely durable. In fact, it is higher rated for durability than any other type of carpet. The durability comes from the twists which do not fray or snag easily.


  • The fibers in frieze carpet are quite long, which means you will need to use a special vacuum or carpet cleaner for this type of carpet. Vacuums with beater bars that cannot be turned off are not a great match because they can snag and tear the fibers.
  • You have to like the look of frieze carpet. It is a not a good style for everyone, since it tends to look more informal. So, make sure you enjoy looking at frieze carpet before you buy it.

Where should I install Frieze carpet?

Frieze is a very versatile carpet style. Actually, there are a lot of frieze carpet colors and designs to choose from. That being said, because frieze carpet tends to look fairly informal, there are some locations that are better for it than others.

In general, you want to put frieze carpet in rooms that are fairly informal. Plus, its dirt and stain resistance, clean appearance, and durability make it a great carpet for high traffic areas. These could include rooms that see a lot of use from children or pets, like play rooms or a family room. Or, you could put frieze carpet in an entranceway or hallway in order to keep those areas looking nice.

Best rooms for Frieze carpet

  • Family rooms
  • Play rooms
  • Bed rooms
  • Hallways and entranceways

Best rooms for Frieze carpet

  • Offices
  • Formal living rooms
  • Formal bed rooms

Frieze carpet materials

Frieze carpet can be made from many different materials, natural and synthetic. The most common are wool, nylon, and olefin.

Wool is an all-natural material. It comes from sheep’s wool and is the original carpet material. At one time all carpets were made form wool. It is soft and extremely warm. The problems with wool frieze carpet is that it can be quite expensive. And, it requires special cleaning. You cannot just use a vacuum or a home carpet cleaner on wool carpets. You will need specialized equipment that comes with a professional service. This can make the cost of wool too intense for many people.

Nylon is probably the most common synthetic carpet material. It is usually much cheaper than wool, but it is the most expensive synthetic material. Its cost stays on the higher cost end because it feels almost as soft and warm as wool. Plus, it can be cleaner in a traditional way with a vacuum and carpet cleaner.

Olefin is a great frieze carpet material if you are on a budget. It also goes under the name polypropylene and it the cheapest synthetic carpet material. However, these savings do come at a cost. Olefin frieze carpets do not last as long as wool or nylon. Plus, they snag and rig easier. So, if you want your frieze carpet to last for years to come, buying one made from olefin is probably not a great idea. But, for people that want a frieze carpet and need to stay in budget, this may be the material for you.

Cost of Frieze carpet

As with all varieties, the total cost of your frieze carpet will be determined by a lot of factors. Firstly, the material your frieze carpet is made from will be a huge factor in the overall prices. We’ll breakdown some material prices in a minute.

Secondly, when you buy a carpet you will also need to consider the labor and installation costs associated with installing it in your home. Lots of companies will charge for the carpet installation plus extras, like moving furniture or oddly shaped rooms. You should always use a trusted company when installing carpet.

Finally, every carpet brand and installation company are slightly different. So, the following numbers are not set in stone. However, they should provide a good ball-park for you to make some determinations.

The Cost Breakdown

  •             Wool Frieze=Over $5.00 per square foot
  •             Nylon Frieze=$5.00 per square foot
  •             Olefin Frieze=$2.50 per square foot
  •             Frieze Installation=$0.50 per square foot, but this varies widely
  •             Padding=$0.50 per square foot

One final factor that will impact the cost of your frieze carpet is the fact that you should always purchase more of the carpet than your actually need for your room. This will help the installers from coming up short and it will give you some backup in case you ever need to patch an area. So, make sure to factor in the cost of slightly more frieze carpet than you specifically need for the room. Experts recommend about 10%-15% extra carpet should be safe.

Tips for cleaning Frieze carpet

Frieze carpet is a unique type of carpet, and so comes with some unique cleaning concerns. The best thing that you can do to keep your frieze carpet clean and looking its best is to follow the tips below.

  1. Most importantly, you will need to purchase a special vacuum for your frieze carpet. This is because regular vacuums will ruin a frieze carpet. Just like high pile carpet, frieze carpet can be snagged and torn by a typical vacuum’s beater bar. The best vacuum for frieze carpet is one that either doesn’t have a beater bar or has one that can be turned off. Also, finding a vacuum with adjustable heights for its cleaning head would help, since that ensures that the vacuums will not get stuck in the dense frieze carpet fibers.
  2. Even though high-quality frieze carpet is fairly stain resistant, you will still want to clean up any spills immediately. Just because a carpet is good at resisting stains does not mean that it will never get stained. The best way to get rid of a potential stain is gently pressing the spill out with a wet rag. Never rub too vigorously on a spill as that could make the stain latch onto the carpet fibers.
  3. Your placement of the frieze carpet will determine how often you have to clean it. As mentioned above, frieze carpet is great for high traffic areas because it is quite stain resistant and hides dirt. However, being in a high traffic location will increase the likelihood of it getting dirty quickly. So, in that scenario make sure to vacuum the frieze carpet at least once per week and carpet clean it regularly.
  4. Using a professional carpet cleaner could help keep your frieze carpet looking like new. But, before you hire just any company read our list of pros and cons below to make sure that professional carpet cleaners are a good choice for you and your frieze carpet.

Professional vs. DIY Frieze carpet cleaning


  • Professional carpet cleaners have access to equipment that will clean your carpet faster and more thoroughly.
  • They can also use dry cleaning methods on your carpet, while home carpet cleaners only use wet—or steam—cleaning. If you don’t want to wait for your carpet to dry completely, then you should use a professional carpet cleaner.
  • You don’t have to do the cleaning. Go out, shop, get a manicure, play with your kids. All of these things are possible while the professional carpet cleaners work.
  • If you have the professional carpet cleaners stick to just one or two carpets in your home the cost will be lower.


  • Regular carpet cleaning can get expensive, especially if it is done on a regular basis. Professional carpet cleaning will also get expensive if you have all the carpets in your house cleaned.
  • Professional carpet cleaners will not help with the regular vacuuming and stain clean-up that you will still have to do to your frieze carpet. So, you will still be stuck doing some work on the carpet.
  • Home carpet cleaners are now very common and are a much cheaper one-time purchase than regular professional carpet cleaning.

With all of the special cleaning considerations of frieze carpet listed above, you may be considering leaving cleaning to the professionals. Hiring professional carpet cleaners can save you a lot of time energy but comes with drawbacks as well. Keep in mind the following pros and cons of hiring professional carpet cleaners for your frieze carpet.

Best Frieze carpet brands

As a slightly more unusual carpet style, you should be careful about the companies you purchase your frieze carpet from. These are our top recommendations for trusted frieze carpet manufactures. Buying your frieze carpet from any of these companies will ensure that you are getting a top quality and durable product.

Shaw Flooring

Shaw Flooring appears in a lot of our discussions about the best carpet brands for a reason. They are quite simply a powerhouse in the world of flooring. As you likely know by now, Shaw makes all types of flooring, including carpet, hardwood, and laminate. They also have quite a selection of frieze carpet, which they call twist.

Shaw’s thirty-four frieze carpet selections look a little similar to one another. But, they come in a variety of shapes and colors. Plus, they come with Shaw’s reputation for quality and durable products. Shaw’s frieze carpets would be a great choice for someone who wants a solid carpet and is not looking for a specific or unusual design.

Mohawk Flooring

Like Shaw Flooring, Mohawk Flooring makes a wide variety of flooring types. These include carpet, hardwood, laminate, and tile. They make every type of carpet under the sun and list their frieze carpet under its own name and “twist” in parentheses. This will make it easier for you to find the type of carpet you are looking for on their website. Mohawk Flooring makes hundreds of carpets of many styles and materials, so we recommend using their filter options when you are looking for something specific.

Mohawk currently lists thirty-nine options for frieze carpet. Unlike Shaw Flooring, Mohawk’s frieze carpets come in a lot of different lengths and styles. For example, you could choose their small pile “Total Confidence” or their high pile “Wondrous.” Each of their frieze carpet lines all come in a variety of colors. And, finally, Mohawk uses their patented EverStrand PET polyester fibers on the majority of their frieze carpets, which is eco-friendly in addition to being extremely comfortable.

Phenix Flooring

Founded in 2006, Phenix Flooring is a small but rising carpet manufacturing industry. They produce only polyester and nylon carpets. But, that means that all of their carpets, including their frieze carpets, are affordable, durable, and cleanable. If you want a carpet that has a great, colorful, and unique design, then Phenix Flooring is the brand to choose.

Phenix Flooring creates great frieze carpet, but their website illustrates just how confusing the carpet industry can be. Unlike Shaw frieze carpet and Mohawk frieze carpet, Phenix organizes their website around three groups: patterned, tailored, and casual. This can make it hard to actually find a specific style of carpeting. Their informal category is probably your best way to start, since frieze carpet is an informal style of carpet.

Home Depot

When you think of Home Depot, you probably don’t think of the company also producing carpets. But, you would be wrong. Home Depot provides both the Home Decorators Collection and LifeProof. Both of these brands make frieze carpets. Now, Home Depot itself does not make the carpets from these brands, instead Shaw Floors makes the Home Decorators carpets and Mohawk Flooring makes the LifeProof carpets.

This means that you can get a Shaw or Mohawk frieze carpet for slightly cheaper than if you purchased a carpet directly from the company. Plus, when you purchase a frieze carpet from a store like Home Depot, you will have ready assistance available to help with your search. So, if you have any questions or concerns about a frieze carpet, the sales people at Home Depot will always be there to answer your questions. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

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