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Dyson V10 Absolute Vacuum

It’s hard to believe that Dyson has only been making cordless stick vacuums since 2015. In just under five years the brand has completely revolutionized the cordless stick vacuum industry. And, they have presented a great alternative to the large, heavy vacuums like uprights and canisters.

The best and most important aspect of Dyson’s cordless stick vacuums is their powerful motors and small size. You get the best of both worlds when you choose a Dyson cordless stick vacuum. You get the lightweight nature and versatility of a stick vacuum in addition to the cleaning power of an upright.

If you need a great cordless stick vacuum that will clean your entire home, has almost the same power as an upright, and have the money to spend for the best, then the Dyson V10 Absolute is a product you should consider. Continue reading to find out more about this great vacuum, its pros and cons, and all the reasons why it might be the best product for you.

Dyson released the V10 Absolute in 2018. They then released the V11 in 2019, so the V10 Absolute is not their most recent cordless stick vacuum. However, the V10 and V11 share many features. So, you are still getting one of the most up to date products when you choose Dyson’s V10 Absolute.

The V10 Absolute is, obviously, a cordless stick vacuum. So, it has a small size you would expect from that type of vacuum. It only weighs 5.88 pounds but still has a cleaning path of 9.84 inches. Plus, the fourteen cyclones used in the design are strong enough to throw up to 79,000 grams of dirt and dust particles into the dirt collection bin. Therefore, you get a lot of cleaning power for your money.

And, speaking of money, the Dyson V10 Absolute will set you back quite a bit. However, we believe that the investment is worth it. The V10 Absolute provides an hour of cleaning power when you use a non-motorized tool. That is enough time to clean a medium-sized home.

Additionally, the V10 Absolute has three power modes, which allow you to customize your cleaning. And, it comes with a combination tool, a crevice tool, a mini motorized tool, and mini soft dusting brush. Between these four attachments you have all the tools you need to clean every surface in your home.

Dyson V10 Absolute Vacuum

Pros and Cons

Before you choose the Dyson V10 Absolute, you need to consider its pros and cons. We’ve included the most important of these below.


  • The four included attachments in addition to the torque drive cleaner head allow you to clean any surface in your home. These include all flooring types, upholstery, and even blinds.
  • You will receive forty to an hour of cleaning time in most of the cleaning modes and with the majority of tools. The long cleaning time with having to recharge is a huge improvement from the V6’s twenty minutes.
  • The torque drive cleaner head has bristles that travel further into the carpet, but that is still appropriate for hard floors.
  • Every aspect of the Dyson V10 Absolute is aligned. This means that the air is drawn in a straight line, which in turn creates 20% more power than the V8.
  • Like all of Dyson’s cordless stick vacuums, the V10 Absolute can also be converted into a handheld vacuum. This increases its versatility, and with the extension wand, it allows you to clean in a variety of hard to reach places.
  • The dirt collection bin is quite large for a stick vacuum. It is 77 liters, which is much larger than the dirt collection bin on the V8 and the V10 Motorhead.


  • Obviously, the Dyson V10 Absolute will be expensive. All of Dyson’s products are expensive, even the older ones. So, as we’ve said in many of our Dyson reviews, if you are on a tight budget, you will likely not be able to afford the V10 Absolute.
  • You need to charge the V10 Absolute for at least three and a half hours before you use it. So, it will not be usable directly out of the box.

What types of floors does the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute clean?

Like all of Dyson’s vacuums, the Cyclone V10 Absolute will clean any surface, including carpets and hard floorings. While all of Dyson’s older vacuums also had this functionality, the V10 Absolute is even easier on your floors. The torque drive cleaner head works all of the embedded dirt and debris from your carpet. However, the soft woven nylon and anti-static carbon fibers used in the soft roller cleaning head make it safe to use on your hard floors. No scratching of your floors will ever occur when you use the V10 Absolute.

One word of caution: You will want to proceed cautiously when using the V10 Absolute on high pile carpet. The soft roller cleaner head and three power settings should make it safe to use on plush carpet but try it on a small area first to ensure no damage is done.

Who would benefit from the Dyson V10 Absolute?

The quick answer to this question is anyone who needs a cordless stick vacuum. Whether you envision this as your only vacuum or as a supplement, the V10 Absolute has you covered. And, with such a long run time it is more realistic to use this stick vacuum as a whole-house cleaner. So, people in apartments, condos, or small to medium-sized homes should really consider purchasing the Dyson V10 Absolute.


Dyson has done it again with their V10 Absolute cordless stick vacuum. Yes, this product is expensive, but it is completely worth the money. Between the longer run time and the updated motor and brushes, you can’t go wrong with the V10 Absolute. Dyson is one of the best vacuum manufacturers in the world, and the V10 Absolute illustrates why. Try one today.

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