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Dyson DC33 Vacuum

Dyson has been making upright vacuums since before the manufacturer’s founding in 1991. In fact, Sir James Dyson, the founder of the company, first began experimenting with changing the design of vacuums in the 1970s. Once he founded the brand in 1991, it quickly began to revolutionize the vacuum industry. And, it the Dyson vacuums that first began this revolution.

What makes Dyson products so special is that they remain relevant even when the brand no longer sells them directly anymore. This is the case for the Dyson DC33. It is a discontinued Dyson upright vacuum cleaner, but it is still as relevant today as it was during its release. Continuing reading this article to learn more about the DC33 and where to find it in 2020.  

As mentioned above, the Dyson DC33 is an upright vacuum cleaner. It was originally conceived as an update to the DC27/DC28 and as a replacement for the DC14. Because the DC33 is an earlier version of a Dyson upright, it does not use the ball technology that is one of the most famous aspects of the company’s current upright vacuums.

Still, even without the ball technology, the DC33 upright will get the job done. It has a plastic telescopic pole that replaced the metal wand of the earlier models. The plastic telescopic pole was more flexible and cut down on the weight of the vacuum. However, it doesn’t fit any attachments for the earlier Dyson uprights, and it could break if flexed too much.

Dyson discontinued the DC33 upright in July 2013. However, you can still find the vacuum from third-party sellers, and Dyson does provide trouble-shooting support for it on their website.

Dyson DC33

Pros and Cons

As you may expect, the Dyson DC33 comes with a number of both pros and cons. Consider both before you commit to purchasing this upright vacuum cleaner.


  • Even though it is an older model, the DC33 still comes with a five years warranty on parts and labor.
  • The DC33 only weighs 17.6 pounds, which is actually fairly light for an upright vacuum. The lower weight makes the DC33 easy to push around your home.
  • Although it lacks ball technology, the DC33 still comes with Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone technology. This means that it will not lose suction. Also, the dirt collection bin does not need a bag.
  • The HEPA filter is a lifetime, washable model. Therefore, you will never have to worry about replacing the filter. Just wash it, dry it completely, and you can get back to vacuuming.
  • The telescopic wand extends to 15.7 feet, a huge length that allows you to clean in a variety of hard to reach places, including high ceilings. The telescopic wand also makes it possible for you to clean stairs without having to carry the vacuum up and down as you clean, which reduces the risk of a dangerous situation.  


  • Even though the DC33 has been discontinued for six years, it still carries a hefty price tag. The high price likely has to do with the rarity of the product. But, just know that you will not get a price break when you purchase a DC33 upright.
  • The plastic telescopic wand was criticized at the time of the DC33’s release because it did not fit earlier attachments and was seen as flimsy. However, Dyson has since continued to use the plastic wand, So, those considerations are less of an issue today.
  • The DC33 does not use the ball technology that defines Dyson’s modern uprights. The lack of ball technology means that the DC33 does not bend down as easily or fit in under furniture in the same way that the later upright vacuums can do.

What types of flooring does the Dyson DC33 clean?

The Dyson DC33 will clean tile, hardwood, carpeting, and other surfaces. It is not as versatile as most of Dyson’s cordless stick vacuums. One reason for the lack of versatility is that the DC33 as an upright does not convert into a handheld vacuum. The long telescopic wand helps solve this problem, but no upright will work exactly like a handheld vacuum.

Additionally, the DC33 only comes with a combination accessory tool and a stair tool. These stores on the DC33 itself, which is very convenient. But, the small number of accessories for a Dyson vacuum means that you can clean fewer surfaces than you would be able to with other models.

Who would benefit from the Dyson DC33?

Dyson fans who don’t have the thousands of dollars to spend on the latest Dyson upright will get a lot out of the DC33. Just don’t expect a huge price break on this model. Still, it will work well in homes without a lot of tight corners or low furniture.

Another customer that would benefit from the DC33 is someone with a home that has a lot of stairs. The telescopic wand and stair tool makes cleaning stairs a breeze and much safer than normal. Really, any customer that wants Dyson’s trademarked features like the bagless dirt collection bin and asthma/allergy-friendly products will love the DC33.


While the DC33 upright vacuum may not be as popular as some of its more modern siblings, it still has a lot of offer. The DC33 is convenient and fairly light for an upright vacuum, but it still comes with a full-powered motor. So, no matter the size of your home the DC33 can handle the job.

If the Dyson cyclonic action, bagless dirt collection bin, and lifetime washable filter are the features you most want in an upright vacuum, then try the DC33 today. It will check all of those boxes and more. The DC33 upright vacuum proves that you don’t need the newest and most tricked-out model to get a good product from Dyson. Try one today, you won’t be sorry you did.

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